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USEFUL IMAGES to investigate in Autograph 5

Palmanova: a remarkable town in Italy (larger image)
The hexagon layout in the centre converts to a nonagon
and three exit roads are at 120° forming a "Y" pattern.
Beautifully illustrated using this Autograph file (larger image)

Thanks to Gimnazija Bežigrad, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Lisakovsk Pentagram, Kazakhstan: details - larger

The Lisakovsk Pentagram, Kazakhstan: larger image
Autograph file: pentagram

A very large hexagon in Exmouth, Western Australia
Discussion - larger image

Autograph file: hexagon - larger image

Leicester Airport and runway numbers
- almost an equilateral triangle - larger image

Autograph file: leicester - larger image

Angry Birds
Autograph file: Angry Birds (Parametric)

Autograph file: Angry Birds (3 points)

Autograph file: Ping Pong Ball..........Thanks-RichardPhillips


Autograph file: Cordoba Square (Spain)

Autograph file: Morocco Sand Dune

Autograph file: Human Cannon Ball

Autograph file: Satellite Dish

Autograph file: Parabola Indonesia

Autograph file: McDonald Arches

Autograph file: Sound Mirror (Dungeness)


Sound Mirror (Dungeness) - movie (.mp4)
Dungeness Lesson Plan (.doc)

Autograph: Circlular or is it elliptical?
Autograph: Malta

Autograph file: Sycamore Leaf

Autograph file: Red Admiral (agg)

Autograph file: Horseshoe Curve (Altoona, PA)

Autograph file: Rainbow (circle) (Sandsend, Yorkshire)

Leonard da Vinci: The Last Supper (1495-1498)

The Vanishing point does not work! - Autograph file 1 - Autograph file 2


2D: x = (vcosφ)t, y = h + (vsinφ)t − ½gt² [Autograph file] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NCTM Tech Tips article (May 2010)

3D: x = (vcosb)(cosa)t, y =(vcosb)(sina)t, z=h+(vsinb)t − ½gt² [Autograph file]

Red Arrows

Autograph file: The Red Arrows

Autograph: The Nautilus Shell

Houses (for Heron's "Shortest Distance" Problem)

Discussion (MAA) - Autograph file: heron - larger image

Skier (attach to a point on a graph)


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