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... to TSM RESOURCES - home to Douglas Butler's collection of resources, mainly relevant to the teaching of Mathematics.

The iCT Training Centre, based in Oundle, near Peterborough (UK), offers "TSM" training workshop for teachers in the UK and abroad. The TSM philosophy is to combine a fluency with MS Office (Word and Excel) with the effective use of dynamic software and web resources, at the same time keeping up with the best pedagogical use of the new mobile technologies.

Oundle is also the home of Autograph, the UK's most popular software for teaching mathematics. The development team keep in close touch with a growing network of certified Autograph trainers throughout the world.


Check out Douglas' online tutorials and images
Check out Douglas' TSM Blog!

-Autograph on an iPad? - watch this!
-Great Autograph Files - from students around the world.

New Autograph Newsletters (from Craig Barton)

'Enhancing Mathematics Understanding through Visualization'
--- Chapter 6 by Douglas Butler -

-Would you like to host a TSM ROADSHOW in your school?
--- You can design your own program and invite other teachers.
--- Contact Douglas Butler for details of available trainers and costs..

-Carol Vorderman's Report "A world-class mathematics education
- - for all our young people"
August 2011 now out (and see page 25!)

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