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by Douglas Butler

Some people think that all Autograph does is draw graphs!!

Tutorial 1.
Geometry and Measure

(14 min)

A basic introduction
to how Autograph works.

The Whiteboard Mode
and multiple selection

Adding shapes;
dependent objects
Using the scribble tool

Reflection and rotation

Circles (coordinate geometry)
Circles (Euclidian geometry)

Tutorial 2.
and Graphing

(20 min)

The Straight Line
and its gradient (slope)
Using the constant controller
The parabola y = x²; slow plot

Transformations of y = x²:
y = ax², y = (ax)²,
y = (x – a)² and y = x² + a
Fitting a parabola to an image
(human canon-ball)

Other topics to cover:
Linear Programming
The Autograph 'Extras' pages

Tutorial 3.
Advanced Topics

(20 min)

The Advanced Level
Introduction to differentiation
The gradient of a chord

Introducing trigonometry
Introducting integration

3D Autograph: conic sections
Volume of revolution of an area

Other topics to cover:
Vectors (2D and 3D)
Differential Eqns (1st/2nd order)
Parametric and Polar equations
(2D and 3D)

Tutorial 4.
Statistics and
Handling Data

(16 min)

Introduction to bivariate data
The principle of least squares
Pasting 2 columns of data

The Statistics page
Pasting a single column of data
The TSM Data resource
The dot plot

Grouping data for a histogram
Cumulative frequency diagram
Exporting a table of statistics
and a screen image

Tutorial 5.
Probability Distributions

(13 min)

The binomial distribution
Fitting a dependent normal

Calculating binomial probabilities

The normal distribution
and calculations

Type 1 and Type 2 errors
The Central Limit Theorem

Tutorial 6.
Online Resources

(7 min)

The Autographhome page

The TSM Resources site

TSM Data
TSM Images

Tutorial 7.
Onscreen Keyboard

(9 min)

The onscreen keyboard allows users to control objects in Autograph, and to enter one-line mathematical expressions using a wide variety of symbols that are correctly interpreted, eg:

sin²2θ, 2x − 3y ≤ 6,
−b ± √(b²−4ac), y = |x|

It is also invaluable when using a whiteboard or a walk-about tablet. This tutorial also looks at changing languages

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Oundle, UK - March 2012