2002 series of TSM
Conferences for Teachers

TSM: Technology for Secondary/College MATHEMATICS

1st Residential
TSM Workshop

2pm Monday 8th July
- 4pm Wednesday 10th July 2002
at OUNDLE SCHOOL, Peterborough, UK

84 DELEGATES from UK, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland and Germany enjoyed the superb computer facilities of Oundle School, in the peaceful Northamptonshire market town of Oundle [30 miles West of Cambridge]

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and thanks to our sponsor: Chartwell Yorke

++ 2003 DATES: Weds 9th - Fri 11th July ++

Since 1994, the TSM training days have been offered in a one-day format, giving delegates typically 1½ hrs to
get to grips with a particular aspect of using mathematical ICT. This Workshop will allow much more time to practise and reflect, running in 2 STRANDS, each offering 5 hours of supervised instruction with worksheets:
A: concentrating on the mathematical aspects of MS Office (including Excel) and B: Dynamic software.

L-R: The tutors; one of the Autograph workshops in progress
The social programme included hard-fought croquet and an early morning swim!
OFSTED Inspector Blaylock played us in with some Cole Porter ...
3 delegates (from Japan, UK and Singapore) caught sharing a point after the Delegates' Forum

MONDAY 8th July 2002

14:00 Welcome; outlines from the tutors
15:00 Workshop Strand A (1 hr)
16:00 Tea
16:30 Workshop Strand B (2 hrs)
19:20 Drinks, Dinner
20:30 Informal gathering

TUESDAY 9th July 2002

07:00 swimming pool available
08:00 breakfast
09:00 Workshop Strand A (2 hrs)
11:00 coffee
11:30 Delegates' Forum
A plenary session to exchange ideas
12:45 Drinks, lunch
14:00 Open Workshops (2 hrs)
or time free to look around Oundle

16:00 Tea
16:30 Workshop Strand B (2 hrs)
18:45 Drinks, Dinner
20:15 Informal gathering
• Mark Dabbs: Fun with Linkages
• Ron Barrow: Java Maths

WEDNESDAY 10th July 2002

07:00 swimming pool available
08:00 breakfast
09:00 Workshop Strand A (2 hrs)
11:00 coffee
11:30 Delegates' Forum
2nd plenary session to exchange ideas
12:45 Drinks, Lunch

14:00 Workshop Strand B (1 hr)
15:00 Open Workshops (1 hr)
16:00 Tea and depart

Delegates will choose one workshop in each strand (5 hours) to concentrate on, but will be able to try others, or obtain further practuce, in the Open Workshop slots.

Those successfully completing the course will receive appropriate certification.

STRAND A: Using MS OFFICE for Mathematics (5 hrs)

A1 - Using MS Word and The Internet for Mathematics [Douglas]
Sorting out symbols, equations, diagrams in Word; using hyperlinks;
importing text, graphics and data from the Web, Excel and Autograph
[Internet resources]

A2 - Using MS Excel for beginners [Geoff]
How to get started with Excel, creating sequences, graphs and charts, filling down, formulae and text. Simple simulations.

A3 -
Using MS Excel creatively in the classroom [Sidney]
Excel is a powerful and dynamic tool for investigating, demonstrating and doing mathematics and basic statistics.
[Sidney's home page] [Sidney's Excel resources] [DISCUSS site]

A4 - Using MS Excel (advanced) [Graeme]
Excel for setting up animations and simulations; extra tools, slider bars, list/combo boxes; simple visual basic; sorting data; pivot tables.



B1 - Autograph for the 11-16 age group [Alastair]
The principle of object selection and the right-click menu; ideas
for dynamic lessons on straight lines, coordinate geometry,
vectors, transformations, graphs, scatter diagrams, histograms.
[Autograph resources] [Data sets]

B2/B3 - Autograph for the 16-19 age group [Alan/Douglas]
1D: Prob.distributions, hypothesis tests, histograms, central lim.th.
2D: Graphs, functions, numerical methods, trigonometry; calculus,
----- coordinate geometry; bivariate data; regression/residuals.
3D: lines, planes, vectors; surfaces

B4 - Geometer's Sketchpad / Cabri Géomètre [Geoff/Kate]
Dynamic geometry (Euclidean plane): constructions; scripts.
Applications to circle theorems, transformations; triangles and polygons; recreational mathematics: fractals,


DOUGLAS BUTLER, Oundle School, Peterborough
SIDNEY TYRRELL, Coventry University (Math & Info Sciences)
GRAEME BROWN, freelance mathematical consultant
ALAN CATLEY, Tynemouth College, Newcastle
, Dean Close School, Cheltenham
KATE MACKRELL, freelance mathematical consultant
GEOFF WAKE, Manchester University (Faculty of Education)

Non resident: £150 - 2nd and subsequent delegates from same institution: £130
including lunch (Tuesday and Wednesday), refreshments and all the workshop documentation

Residential: add £ 80 for dinner, bed and breakfast (Monday and Tuesday)

You may BRING YOUR OWN PC LAPTOP though there will be a seat fat a networked desktop conputer for all delgates.
(One workshop excepted, where 6 delegates will be asked to use their laptops)

This TSM conference has been timed so that delegates who wish to can move on to Cambridge for the IMECT conference, July 11-13, organised by NRICH. Cambridge is an easy drive, or there are trains from Peterborough.

Download the ANNOUNCEMENT and APPLICATION FORM - click: (380k), or (45k)
Sunday night B & B is also available; to download details click:
: (400k)
---- (legendary breakfasts!)

CAR: A1/A14-A605; ample parking


to Peterborough: from London,
East Anglia, Birmingham, The North

BUS (X4)
Peterborough Station 13:00
(arr. Oundle Market Place 13:32)
Oundle Market Place 16:23
(arr. Peterborough Station 16:50)

MAPS: internal - external
Aerial Photo: 1:10,000

OUNDLE is easy to get to:

Oundle School

Apply in good time - places must be limited by the hands-on capacity

Further information and application forms available from:
PO Box 46, Oundle, Peterborough PE8 4JX, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1832-273444 Fax: +44 (0)1832-272760
Email: circleline@argonet.co.uk (Douglas Butler)

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