2006 series of TSM
Conferences for Teachers


TSM => Technology for
Secondary/College MATHEMATICS


3 days to get to grips
with Mathematics ICT

11am Tue 11th July - 4pm Thu 13th July

Peterborough, UK


142 delegates,
visitors and tutors,
including 26 from
21 overseas countries

in the peaceful Northamptonshire
market town of Oundle
[30 miles West of Cambridge]

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Chartwell Yorke

Tutors warm-up
See: 2007 Workshop: Tue 10 - Thu 12 July


"Very Stimulating" - "Great to have the TIME to explore ..." - "Thoroughly enjoyable"
"Definitely want to come again" - "Autograph can do so much more than I thought!"
"Those Word tricks - I wish I had know them 10 years ago!
" - "An oustanding 3 days"

"Amazing Intranet and CD resources"

From 1994 to 2000, the TSM training days were offered in a one-day format,
giving delegates typically 3-4 hours to get to grips with using mathematical ICT.
This is the 5th residential TSM Workshop, allowing much more time to practise and reflect,
running in 2 STRANDS, each offering 6 hours of supervised instruction with worksheets:
A: the mathematical aspects of MS Office (including Excel) and Computer Algebra Systems
B: The Dynamic Classroom
(Autograph, GSP and Cabri)

See: 2007 TSM Workshop: Tue 10 - Thu 12 July

TSM is helping Oundle School to celebrate its 450th Anniversary

TUESDAY 11th July 2006
Welcome Reception
-----in the Great Hall Gardens

-----[inside the Great Hall if wet]

10:30 Registration (Great Hall)
11:10 Jonny Griffiths, Paston College: Jazz on the Great Hall Steinway!

11:30 Welcome
, from
.........Charlie Bush, Headmaster
.........and the Tutors
12:45 Drinks, lunch

14:00 Workshop Strand A (2 hrs)
16:00 Tea
16:30 Workshop Strand B (2 hrs)

18:45 Drinks and Dinner
20:30 Informal gathering, led by
Nils Ahbel, Deerfield Academy, USA:
"The Metre, Mozart and bioMechanics"

WEDNESDAY 12th July 2006

07:00 Swimming Pool available
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Workshop Strand A (2 hrs)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Delegates' Forum
1st plenary session to exchange ideas, led by Birender Chamola, The Doon School, Dehradun, India

12:45 Drinks, lunch

14:00 OPEN WORKSHOPS (2 hrs)
A chance to visit a third workshop,
In Maths Dept S9:

+ Cambridge-Hitachi IWB
...Michele Conway (CUP) - Maths S9
In the Great Hall, Arthur Marshall Rm
+ Interwrite Graphics Tablet
...Douglas Butler - Great Hall
+ TI: SmartView and what's new
...Spencer Wiliams, Adrian Oldknow
+ Chartwell Yorke Maths Software
...Gillian Entwistle, Susan Yorke
+ Toshiba Tablet Laptop (tbc)
...Ruth Tanner (Lodge Park TC, Corby)

or time free to look around Oundle

16:00 Tea
16:30 Workshop Strand B (2 hrs)
18:45 Drinks, Dinner
20:30 Informal gathering led by
Tobias Cooper,
Presbyterian Ladies College, Sydney: 'Technology Showcase from Down Under'

THURSDAY 13th July 2006
07:00 Swimming Pool available
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Workshop Strand B (2 hrs)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Delegates' Forum
2nd plenary session to exchange ideas
led by Rob Smith - Asst Director, Liaison with Schools, NCETM

12:45 Drinks, Lunch
14:00 Workshop Strand A (2 hrs)
16:00 Tea and depart

Delegates will choose one workshop in each 6 hr strand to concentrate on, but will be able to try others in the Open Workshop slot. Those successfully completing the course will receive appropriate certification.

Delegates are (optionally) asked to bring ideas to present at the two "Delegates' Forum" sessions.

IT1 (24), IT2 (24), IT3 (16),
S5 (12+ 8 Lap), Lang.Lab (26)
Also Maths S9 (15 Laptops + IWB)
Max: 125

All workshops will address general ICT issues and the creation of lesson plans.

STRAND A: MS OFFICE for Mathematics (6 hrs)

A1 - Word and The Internet for Mathematics
[Douglas, + Mike W]

Sorting out symbols, equations, diagrams in Word; using hyperlinks; importing text, graphics, data from the Web, Excel and Autograph [TSM-resources]

A2 - Putting Excel to work (beginners/intermediate) [Nils, + Karl]
How to get started with Excel, creating sequences, graphs and charts, filling down, formulae and text. Simple simulations. [Nils' web] [Karl's web]

A3 -
Excel for Statistics and Data Handling
[Sidney, + J-J]
Excel is a powerful and dynamic tool for investigating and demonstrating mathematics and basic statistics.
[Sidney's web] [Sidney's Excel] [DISCUSS site]

A4 - Excel for advanced users
The common first half of this workshop will show the spreadsheet to be ideal for constructing relationships and for problem solving, using a set of classroom resources created for able students in KS3 & KS4. Then:
Graeme: Excel for investigative Mathematics
This half will then focus on Excel use in investigative mathematics at secondary level.
Mike: An introduction to Visual Basic

This group will look at techniques for producing interactive Excel workbooks, including: Customizing Excel, Using the Macro recorder and writing simple Visual Basic
[Graeme's NRICH page] + [Mike's Maths Files]

A5 - Teaching with CAS (Computer Algebra)
[Marlene, + Martin]

The integration of CAS into secondary mathematics. Investigation, mathematical modeling, proof and problem solving - using DERIVE and the TI-Voyage 200
[Marlene's web site: CAS TIME]

A6 - Autograph in the classroom [Alan, + Kate]
Working on laptops in a classroom with an Interactive Whiteboard and Tablet PC, trying out lesson plans.
[Autograph on web: Home page - Tutorials - Data]

STRAND B: Dynamic Classroom (6 hrs)

- Autograph: beginners/intermediate
[Karl, + Graeme]
B2 - Autograph: intermediate users [Alan, + Marlene]
Object selection and the right-click menu; ideas for dynamic lessons on straight lines, coordinate geometry, vectors, transformations, graphs, scatter diagrams, histograms, including the GCSE Stats Project
[Autograph on web: Home page - Tutorials - Data]

B3 - Autograph: for AS / IB [Martin, + Sidney]
1D: Prob.distr., hypothesis tests, histograms, c. lim. th.
2D: Graphs, functions, numerical methods, rigonometry; calculus, coordinate geometry; bivariate data; residuals.
3D: lines, planes, vectors; surfaces; volumes of rev.

B4 -
Autograph-based Investigation and Modelling Activities for A2/IB students [Mike W, + Nils]
Various ideas for developing tasks to explore mathematical ideas and concepts essential for success at A2/IB Mathematics HL. The more advanced features of Autograph will be used.
[Autograph on web: Home page - Tutorials - Data]

B5 - GSP/ Cabri 2, 3D [Kate + J-J]
Dynamic geometry (Euclidean plane): constructions; scripts. Applications to circle theorems, transformations; triangles and polygons; recreational mathematics: fractals, tesselations

B6 - Autograph in the classroom [Douglas, + Mike H]
Working on laptops in a classroom with an Interactive Whiteboard and Tablet PC, trying out lesson plans.
[Autograph on web: Home page - Tutorials - Data]


, Deerfield Academy, Mass, USA
, NRICH project, Cambridge
DOUGLAS BUTLER, Oundle School, Peterborough
ALAN CATLEY, Tyne Metropoitan College, Newcastle
MIKE HADDEN, freelance consultant, Hereford

KATE MACKRELL, freelance consultant, Canada
SIDNEY TYRRELL, Coventry University
MARTIN WITHINGTON, Moreton Hall, Shropshire
MIKE WAKEFORD, Skagerak Int. School, Norway

The TSM Resources CD was published in Nov 2005 with ATM's 'Micromath' Magazine. These and new resources, will be available on the school's Intranet

Oundle School

Further information and application forms available from:
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