- TSM -
Technology for
Secondary/College MATHEMATICS

2004 series of TSM
Conferences for Teachers


11am Mon 12th July - 4pm Weds 14th July 2004
at OUNDLE SCHOOL, Peterborough, UK

Delegates enjoyed the superb computer facilities of Oundle School, in the peaceful Northamptonshire market town of Oundle
[30 miles West of Cambridge]

120 delegates and 14 tutors
from the UK and 13 overseas countries

TSM 2005: Mon 11 - Weds 13 July


"Entertaining and enjoyable" - "Recommend it strongly" - "Hope it runs next year!" - "Brilliant ideas!"
"My head's spinning!" - "Superb Value" - "Inspirational" - "Fabulous tutors"
"Really useful TSM Resources CD"
"Early morning swim - perfect" - "the Line dancing was fun" - "Not so sure about croquet in the dark .."


. . . .
TSM 10th Anniversary - Welcome Reception, Cobthorne Gardens

. . .
. . . .

Great Hall - opening plenary: Welcome from the Tutors

. . .
. . .
. . .

TSM - at work and at play

Since 1994, the TSM training days have been offered in a one-day format, giving delegates typically 3 hours
to get to grips with using mathematical ICT. This is the 3rd residential TSM Workshop, allowing much more time
to practise and reflect, running in 2 STRANDS, each offering 6 hours of supervised instruction with worksheets:
A: the mathematical aspects of MS Office (including Excel) and CAS (Computer Algebra Systems)
B: The Dynamic Classroom
(Autograph, GSP and Cabri)

NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY: TSM 2005: Mon 11 - Weds 13 July

The TSM Resources CD was published in Nov 2003 with ATM's 'Micromath' Magazine. These and new resources, will be available on the school's Intranet.

MONDAY 12th July 2004

10-30 Welcome Reception
-----in Cobthorne Gardens, hosted
-----by Dr and Mrs Raph Townsend
-----(Headmaster, Oundle School)
-----[in the Great Hall if wet]

Registration - Great Hall from 11:15
11:45 Introduction
from the Tutors
12:45 Drinks, lunch

14:00 Workshop Strand A (2 hrs)
16:00 Tea
16:30 Workshop Strand B (2 hrs)

18:45 Drinks and Dinner
20:30 Informal gathering

led by Ron Knott "Fibonacci and Phi"
followed by a lesson in Line Dancing!

TUESDAY 13th July 2003

07:00 Swiming Pool available
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Workshop Strand B (2 hrs)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Delegates' Forum
1st plenary session to exchange ideas
led by Jenny Piggott,
Project Leader, NRICH (Cambridge)
12:45 Drinks, lunch
14:00 Open Workshops (2 hrs)
+ Interactive Whiteboard workshop
Michele Conway, Training Consultant
Harunobu Oyama, Tech. Manager

Cambridge Board/Starboard Software
or time free to look around Oundle

16:00 Tea
16:30 Workshop Strand A (2 hrs)
18:45 Drinks, Dinner
20:30 Informal gathering
led by Anthony Harradine
Noel Baker Ctr for Sch Maths,
Prince Alfred College, Adelaide
+ SeniorSchoolCensus-online

WEDNESAY 14th July 2004

07:00 Swiming Pool available
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Workshop Strand A (2 hrs)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Delegates' Forum
2nd plenary session to exchange ideas
led by Sue Johnston-Wilder
(OU Centre for Mathematics Education)

12:45 Drinks, Lunch
14:00 Workshop Strand B (2 hrs)
16:00 Tea and depart

Delegates will choose one workshop in each 6 hr strand to concentrate on, but will be able to try others, or obtain further practice, in the Open Workshop slot.

STRAND A: Using MS OFFICE for Mathematics (6 hrs)
though all workshops will address general ICT issues and the creation of lesson plans

- MS Word and The Internet for Mathematics [Douglas, + Kate]
Sorting out symbols, equations, diagrams in Word; using hyperlinks;
importing text, graphics, data from the Web, Excel and Autograph
[Internet resources]

A2 - MS Excel for beginners/intermediate uers [Paul, + Alan]
How to get started with Excel, creating sequences, graphs and charts, filling down, formulae and text. Simple simulations.

A3 -
MS Excel for intermediate users [Sidney, + Alastair]
Excel is a powerful and dynamic tool for investigating, demonstrating and doing mathematics and basic statistics.
[Sidney's home page] [Sidney's Excel resources] [DISCUSS site]

A4 - MS Excel for advanced users [Graeme, + Mike]
Excel for setting up animations and simulations; extra tools, slider bars, list/combo boxes; simple visual basic; sorting data; pivot tables.
This course will also offer an optional introduction to Visual Basic
Graeme Brown's NRICH page + Mike Hadden's Maths Files

A5 - Using CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) [Marlene, + Martin]
This course will introduce the multi-uses of CAS in the classroom, from investigation work, to proof, and problem solving. The TI89 and Voyage 200 will be used.
Marlene's web site: CAS TIME


though all workshops will address general ICT issues and the creation of lesson plans

B1 - Autograph for beginners/intermediate [Alastair, + Sidney]
B2 - Autograph for intermediate users [Alan, + Marlene]
The principle of object selection and the right-click menu; ideas
for dynamic lessons on straight lines, coordinate geometry, vectors, transformations, graphs, scatter diagrams, histograms.
Lesson plans for KS3-4 and the GCSE Stats Project
Autograph on web: Home page - Resources - Data sets

B3 - Autograph for AS / IB [Martin, + Mike]
B4 - Autograph for A2 / IB [Douglas, + Graeme]
1D: Prob.distributions, hypothesis tests, histograms, central lim. th.
2D: Graphs, functions, numerical methods, trigonometry; calculus,
----- coordinate geometry; bivariate data; regression/residuals.
3D: lines, planes, vectors; surfaces
Autograph on web: Home page - Resources - Data sets

B5 - Geometer's Sketchpad / Cabri Géomètre [Kate, + Paul]
Dynamic geometry (Euclidean plane): constructions; scripts.
Applications to circle theorems, transformations; triangles and polygons; recreational mathematics: fractals,

Labs: IT1 (24), IT2 (24), IT3 (16), S5 (20), Lang.Lab (26) Max: 110



GRAEME BROWN, freelance mathematical consultant
DOUGLAS BUTLER, Oundle School, Peterborough
ALAN CATLEY, Tynemouth College, Newcastle
, Dean Close School, Cheltenham
MIKE HADDEN, freelance mathematical consultant

KATE MACKRELL, freelance mathematical consultant
SIDNEY TYRRELL, Coventry University (Math & Info Sciences)
PAUL de WET, Michaelhouse College, Q-Z-Natal, South Africa
MARTIN WITHINGTON, Shrewsbury 6th Form College


Delegates are asked to come with ideas to share in the Delegates' forum.

Those successfully completing the course will receive appropriate certification.

Oundle School

Further information and application forms available from:
PO Box 46, Oundle, Peterborough PE8 4JX, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1832-273444 Fax: +44 (0)1832-273629
Email: circleline@argonet.co.uk (Douglas Butler)

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