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ASE (Association for Science Education, UK)
- ASE list of links (keyword search)

NSTA (National Science Teachers Association, USA)
- SciLinks

New Scientist (indispensable)
Scientific American (news, and popular items)

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
- Annual Meeting
Academy of Sciences Malaysia
[Akademi Sains]


SCIENCE YEAR (UK. from Sept 2001)
National Curriculum - Science (England)
The Royal Society: Sc1 (Discover - meet - debate)

The Science Museum (London)
- Site Map - Leonardo: early flight

Science Net (UK)
Questions answered on-line
Science sites (Kidsweb, USA)
Science OnLine (Subscription service)

Eric's Treasure Troves of Science (Eric Weisstein, USA)
Explore Science (Multi-media activites, USA)

Mathematics and Science Careers videos (Flinders University, Adelaide) -

St Edwards School, Poole:
- visit their Science revision pages and huge list of Science web links

Science Image Online
(Australia - large image database)
ABC Science Lab (Australia)

BBC: Science section - Tomorrow's World - Science Web Sites
OU: Rough Science

suggested by Walter MacKenzie: The Innovative Teaching Website:

- The Center of Science and Industry, Ohio
Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum
Exploratorium (Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco)

Florida Caribbean Science Center

Franklin Institute (Philadelphia)
Miami Museum of Science

Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Unnatural Mystery
LONDON: City of Science

History of Science and Technology (ECHO history project)
Star Logo - Donwload (free) then go to Projects: Biology, Physics
Sites from Danny Nicholson (Science/ICT Consultant, Kent)
- Wavelength - Resources - Science Stuff

YOU-TUBE Mathematical Videos
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - (More, with video clips)
London to Brighton in 2 Minutes
Tom Lehrer: New Math
Dominoes Pool
Ma and Pa Kettle Math (4Mb)

HELP with Excel: Mr Excel (Ohio)
SCIRUS - scientific search engine

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Roger Frost's Dataloggerama
Physics 2000
(University of Colorado)
BBC Hollywood Science (Impossible bits in movies?)

Amusement Park Physics
Fear of Physics
Atomic Clock - update your computer!

A guide to Simple Machines - [recommended by Colleen!]

A walk through Time
Interactive Physics (Java)
150 Java Applets for Physics

Physics Web (Bristol UK) - large collection of University level Java applets
- Resources - General Physics
- Best of Physics web - Magazines

Virtual Physics Lab (National Taiwan Normal University)
- Sound a Fourier Series
Simulations Newton and Global Ecosystems (Ultralab - need Quicktime 5)
Univ of Colorado: Physics-2000 Applets

Marvelous Machines
How Stuff Works (Vast flash driven resource)

A Dictionary of Units and Measurement (Univ of North Carolina)

The Nine Planets (Multi-media tour by Bill Arnett)
The Earth and Moon Viewer
Leicester Univ: Guide to Space and Astronomy

NASA Human Space Flight

Tech Museum of Innovation (San Jose, CA)

Powers of 10
1023 metres to 10–16 (39 images)

Figues Animée pour la Physique (Geneviève Tulloue, Grenoble Uni)

Imagine IT Addin for Excel (Richard Beare, Warwick University)
" Interactive Modelling And Graphical Information Environment for IT"
- Installation instructions

Boeing 777 - Concorde - The SKYLON Project

Internet time line

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Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic
( Dr Phil Brown, Whitby Community College, North Yorkshire, England)
Interactive Periodic Table (Chemicool) or WebElements
1001 Periodic Table Questions (Graded by years)

Delights of Chemistry

Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages (Westminster Schools, Atlanta, USA)
and useful Links (eg the best Periodic Tables, etc)
Boots 'The Learning Store' (KS3 and KS4 resources)

WebChem and Links page
Chemistry & New Zealand (Kiwi Web) - What is a Mole?

Volcano World - Videos - Videos
Rocks and the Rock Cycle (Garden Buildings Direct) -


SAPS (Science and Plants in Schools)
- SAPS list of links

Biology for All (Unv of Central Lancashire) - Links
The Theory of Evolution (Univ of California, Berkeley)
Cells Alive (Cells galore!)

Bugs in the News
(Univ of Kansas)

Nutrition Café - game
Food Additives (Family Haven webs site)
Mouse Genetics (Explore Science, USA)

Mendel Web (Genetics)
World Population (in real time?)
Natural History Museum, London

Time lines:
- Food time line
- Homind Species Time Line

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Camboard - datalogging
Curriculum Press (A level Biology, Physics, Chemistry worksheets, to purchase)
Crocodile Clips - Physics and Chemistry simulations

Data Harvest
- Data-logging equipment
DJB Microtech Ltd - putting the FIZZ into Physics
Innovations VCS - All display technology

MMT (Uppingham) - MultiMedia Text
New Media - Multi-media Science School
Oxford Educ. Supplies - Calculators and Software

Philip Harris
- Science equipment and software
Promethean Ltd - Interactive White Boards
Texas Instruments - Calculators, data loggers

The Science Consortium
(UK training for Science teachers in IT)
ITEC (International Training & Educational Consultancy)
- Contact: Phil Godding, Bidford on Avon

The Learning Team (Enquiry-based software tools, from USA)
It's About Time Inc (Resources for Science and Mathematics, from USA)
Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations

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