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  DOUGLAS BUTLER has taught for 30 years before setting up a school-based
ICT Training Centre which organises the popular "TSM" workshop series. He is a frequent speaker at national and international mathematics teachers' conferences.

He is also author of 'Using the Internet - Mathematics' and the principal
author of Autograph (version 3.3.10 July 2013). Douglas in Sweden!

  ALAN CATLEY has developed some highly popular online materials and
worked with many individual schools. Over the few two years he has
developed a reputation for delivering popular and highly practical interactive training courses for mathematics teachers across the UK.

His courses draw on his many years of teaching all abilities in schools and colleges in Tynesaide.

  CHRISTINE DICKINSON has taught mathematics at post 16 level for many years in Bury, She is a regular tutor at the annual TSM workshops. In 2011 her Beginners' Autograph sessions were filmed by The Learning Team from USA, and placed online. They are visited frequently and represent an exemplar approach to training teachers to understand the pedagogical strength of Autograph.

Craig Barton   CRAIG BARTON is a Secondary Maths Advanced Skills Teacher from Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton, in UK. His mrbartonmaths.com website offers free resources to teachers and students with the aim of making maths more fun and exciting for everyone. He is also the Secondary Mathematics advisor for the TES, and a Master Autograph Trainer. He has written two textbooks and produced a series of free online, interactive Autograph activities to allow people to get the most out of dynamic software.

  -Would you like to host a TSM ROADSHOW in your school?
--- You can design your own program and invite other teachers.
--- Contact Douglas Butler for details of available trainers and costs..

Wed 11
Feb 2015
Improving Teaching and Learning with Autograph
4:00-5:30pm Online Teacher Seminar - with Douglas Butler
Thu 19
Mar 2015
IMA Mathematics 2015
Mary Ward Centre, London WC1H 9SN
Mon 8
June 2015
Making the Most of Autograph to Increase Student Motivation
10am-4pm Philip Allen. London (venue tba) - with Douglas Butler

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Joy Wemms has a course for you!


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