International Conferences and events in 2001

Compiled by the iCT Training Centre, Oundle School, Peterborough, UK

2001: July - Oct

Fri-Sun 19-21 January 2001
ISTMF (International Schools Math Teachers Foundation)
American International School, Vienna

Tues-Fri 21-24 February 2001
ICSTME (International Conference on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education for Human Development)

Thurs-Sun 29 Mar-3 April 2001
SEAMC+ (South East Asia Mathematics Competition, plus . . .)
Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur

Sat 28 April 2001

- Stirling Mathematics Conference
Stirling University (Scotland)

Mon 20 April 2001
- Technology for Secondary and College Mathematics
Oundle School

Weds-Thurs 26-27 June 2001
Tynemouth College, North Shields (Newcastle)

Sun-Fri 24-29 June 2001
Maths and Science Technology Conference

Phillips Exeter Academy (USA)

Thurs-Sat 5-7 July 2001
MEI Annual Conference
Nottingham University

Thurs-Sat 5-7 July 2001
Keele University

5 July - 7 August 2001
Cutty Sark Tall Ships 2001: Antwerp - Alesund - Bergen - Esbjerg, on Morning Star
- Antwerp (Belgium) 5-8 July
- Alesund (Norway) 18-21 July
- Bergen (Norway) 27-30 July
- Esbjerg (Denmark) 4-7 August

Mon-Fri 30 July - 3 August 2001
(World Congress on Computers in Education)
Copenhagen (Denmark)

Mon-Thur 6-9 August 2001
Klagenfurt (Austria)

Sun- Fri 19-24 August 2001
Supercourse meeting: "New Ideas in Mathematics Education"
Palm Cove, Tropical North Queensland, Australia - sponsored by Autograph

Weds-Thurs 19-20 September 2001
SETT (Scottish Education and Teaching Technology)
at SECC, Glasgow (map directions, pdf) in association with Learning and Teaching Scotland

Mon 24 September 2001
TTS-1 (Technology for Teaching Science)
Oundle School

Tues 2nd October 2001
CME-OU "K.S.3 mathematics teachers: the current situation, initiatives and visions"
Centre for Mathematics Education, Open University, Milton Keynes

Mon-Weds 22-24 October 2001
Int. Conf. on Primary and Secondary Schools Science and Maths Education (ICPSME)
Sunway Pyramid Convenion Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fri-Sat 26-27 October 2001

Halifax (Nova Scotia)

Thurs-Sun 1-4 November 2001
ICTCM (International Conference on Technology in College Mathematics)
Baltimore (USA)

Thurs-Sun 15-18 November 2001
AMATYC (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
Toronto (Canada)

Thurs 15 November 2001
ECIS: Pre-conference TSM Workshop
at The British School in the Netherlands, Voorschoten (map)

Fri-Sun 16-18 November 2001
- European Council of International Schools
November Conference, Netherlands Conference Centre, The Hague

Thurs-Fri 6-7 December 2001
Melbourne (Australia)

Fri 7th December 2001
NANAMIC National Conference: Teaching Mathematics with ICT
(The National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges) National Conference

The Royal Society, London

Sat-Weds 15-19 December 2001
ATCM-01 - 6th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
Melbourne (Australia)

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