ATM: Mathematics Teaching Issue 229 (July 2012)
pages 44-46
Douglas Butler explores the Geometry of Calculus
using Autograph

Video tutorials
from the author

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Online Autograph Activities

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1. Can 0รท0 => 2?

1. Autograph file: Zero divided by zero?

2. Max, min, pt of inflexion

2. Autograph file: Max and Min

3. Gradient in 3D

3. Autograph file: Gradient in 3D

4. Area from first principles

4. Autograph file: Areas from first principles

5. Volume, from first principles

5. Autograph file: Volumes from first principles (about y = -1)
... Autograph file: Volumes from first principles (about x = -1)

6. Running Autograph files online

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